Hail in Bordeaux – the Video

June 3rd 2009, by

Never mind the recession, the strong euro, the weak pound, increased duty costs and global over-supply of cheap, industrial wine. It’s back to nature, and sometimes nature can be cruel.

Thanks for watching, and excuse the French. Feel free to leave a comment below, or a question.

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72 thoughts on “Hail in Bordeaux – the Video”

  1. Charlie says:

    Horrified to see this – feel so sad for you and Angie. Must be terribly disheartening. Amanda and I send lots of love and best wishes (and look forward to seeing you guys very soon).

  2. Gavin & Angela. We were so sorry to see the devastation but glad to see your humour remains intact. We wish you all the best. Stuart & Chantal.

  3. Ellian + Tim Hindle says:

    Dear Gavin and Angela,

    Just saw your shocking hailstorm film – what a disaster! Will cross our fingers, hope and pray that nature (and sales!) will be great from now on. Keep well, love and best wishes. Ellian+Tim

  4. Gavin and Angela

    There's little I can add to the other heartfelt commiserations, as well as expressions of admiration for your pluck and humour in the face of such devastation. It's particularly maddening for you, given that the grim economic times should represent a fine opportunity for vignerons such as yourselves who are driven by quality and value, and not by greed and snobbery.


  5. David & Sally Cr says:

    Dear G & A …. Mon Dieu ! Terrible !

    Perhaps the harvest will turn out better than you expect ?

    In the meantime we shall raise our glasses to you on many occasions during the summer and the toast will be …." Chateau Bauduc " !

    David and Sally

  6. Myriam Clapham says:

    This was passed on to me by a friend, I was caught up in exactly the same type of storm in Villars Switzerland last June/July walking. There are a lot of small vineyards around and Antagnes especially was badly hit, I thought expected in the mountains. So sorry have seen the damage it does, bonne chance et bon courage.

    Myriam Clapham Torquay Devon.

  7. John and Beth Lawton says:

    Gavin/Angela, Really sorry to see the damage to your vines – it's a cruel world! There seems to be a crisis of some sort every year but this one is pure devastation. Glad to see that you haven't lost your sense of humour but it must have been sorely tested! Thinking of you – best wishes, John and Beth

  8. Emily Doherty says:

    Gav, Ange and little Quinneys all – slow on the uptake but we wanted to add our commiserations. Quite unbelievably bad luck – we are so so sorry.

    Perhaps Allah had a hand in it – he never did approve of consuming (quite such gorgeous) booze.

    Lots of love,

    Em and Juzzer (with frustratingly healthy livers, in Abu Dhabi)


  9. John Bagley says:

    What a disaster ! We are so very sorry for you – I guess it's akin to the loss of a good friend.

    However, take heart from the 2007 Rose failure : it has been followed by your absolutely brilliant 2008 Bordeaux Rose. So here's raising a glass to a brilliant 2010 vintage from (by then) well rested vines. Love and Best Wishes, John & Janette.

  10. Lucy Rutledge says:

    Dear Gavin and the family,

    Oh mon Dieu!

    I've only just had a chance to see this and was very sad to see all the damage done. I hope things improve quickly and I hope I will be able to help you out in some way or another in July. Looking forward to meeting you all,

    Bonne chance,

    Lucy xxx

  11. Gavin says:

    We have replied personally by email to everyone who left a comment here – once again, thanks for taking the trouble and for your support. Readers are no doubt keener to see everyone's comments, rather than a string of thank-you's from me.

    So, in short, thanks to Mark for his comment and for ordering Bauduc wine for his wedding – and the very best of luck for the big day. Thanks to Paul and Yuriko from LA and to Charlie from San Francisco for your thoughts (and sorry about the Toon, Paul). To Giles and Alex, let's not meet again at half-time in case it brings bad luck, and to Chantal and Stuart, Ellian and Tim, David and Sally, and John and Janette, many thanks for your continued support. (By the way, Tim of The Economist wrote an excellent article about Bauduc and Bordeaux, which you can find on the main bauduc.com site under 'About Us – Press Cuttings').

    Thanks Myriam, Lucy, Ems and Juzzer, and to John and Beth – and for your order too. Finally, great to have a comment like that from Stephen Brook, who is currently editing Hugh Johnson's new Wine Companion. Stephen wrote The Complete Bordeaux, published by Mitchell Beazley, which deserves a place on any Bordeaux lover's bookshelf. Cheers, Gavin.

  12. Alexander Salem says:

    I'm so very sorry especially after so many years of work on the young vines. I watched the video clip and I'm glade that at least some of the vines were protected by the woods. The very best of wishes for the road ahead.

    Kind regards,


  13. Malcolm Beill says:

    Dear Gavin & Angela

    You have spirit (or is it a madness)to run a business where a totally uncontrollable outside influence can have such a devastating effect. I just hope that end result is not too disasterrous and you have a bumper year in 2010. We will try to preach the Bauduc word harder and look forward to seeing you in September. Kindest regards and good wishes – Malcolm Beill

    1. Gavin says:

      Many thanks, Malcolm, and to Lizzie and Scott too, and to Alexander.
      best wishes

  14. Lizzie and Scott Ree says:

    So sad, awful to see Gavin in amongst the devastation. We know you'll bounce back and we'll certainly do our bit to spread the word but comisserations – what rotten luck. All our love.

  15. Richard Ward says:

    Get Ramsay and Stien to market a "suvived the hailstorm " vintage use it as a marketing tool if that is possible , not that I know much about wine , but Beaujolais Nouveax got away with it for years

    "The (very) rare 2009 Bauduc first in London" type thing.

    Good luck anyway


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